Transforming the Dynamics of Our Family

Making the decision to transform the dynamics of our family unit has evolved over the last few years, only recently to begin taking on a more definable shape. Our vision of future has become recognizable even amidst the overwhelming process of TTC.

Our definition of family is evolving and changing as we begin this journey and because it’s still in the creation stages I fear we may be more naive than anything else. J and I have been together over 6 years and had a wonderful wedding ceremony this past June.

Our current family unit consists of a spunky westie named Tara and an exceptionally sensitive mixed breed named Luna. As families go we are very happy. We enjoy our weekend adventures to the local coffee shop followed by leisurely walks at our favorite dog park. We have noticed the increasing comfort associated with pre-nesting and enjoy relaxing at home.

After marinating over our options and gradually becoming clearer in our hopes for the future; we are ready to begin. So here we are, both now ready to expand our family; both excited and scared to enter this adventure together; both a little unsure of what move to make and what reaction to expect.

But here we are, with full hearts and excited minds; we are choosing to begin our life anew, with uncertain outcomes, moving towards the most exciting decision we have yet to experience; adding a little person to our family.