Shopaholic or excited TTCier…

I think my psyche is having a slight overreaction to finally beginning the TTC process. It’s been years in the making and I think the realization that this process has truly begun is starting to become a reality.


Over the past few weeks it seems the easiest way to validate the process is through shopping. Proof can be found in viewing our dining room table which is acting as a resting place for loads of crap. Adorably cute crap… Crap that I have thought about being able to purchase for years. And now I finally can – But shouldn’t be – for so many reasons.


The place where J and I use to sit and eat dinner now looks like an aisle from a retail maternity/baby store. I can’t take the sole blame but I think I started the ball rolling and it may be time to work on some redirection activities.


Being a self-proclaimed non shopper… I didn’t really expect this to hit as hard as it has. I am a horribly crabby shopper, who avoids it at all costs. I am someone who purchases items in bulk, just so I can make it though another season. Usually I buy items in each of the available colors…and leave it at that. J has learned over the years that if I need to replace a vital clothing item – coffee must be included.


Therefore I am looking at this as a learning process and I am hopeful that balance will be restored shortly… But for the moment I am excited to get home from work to open packages that arrived from last weeks eBay wins…