Clearblue Easy… Actually complicated … Most likely user confusion only!

I knew we were in for an experience with the lofty purchase of this nice little ovulation tracking machine… It is now official confusion has set in.


For the last few months I had been simply tracking my cycle without the use of the machine but now with our plan to have the first try in December we have begun using it. I am not technically savvy; luckily my wife who is an IT student is…


To prepare for using the fancy Clearblue machine I started using an online ovulation tracker… Being anal I checked the results I received against many other online sites and I found it to be seemingly accurate. Surprise this morning maybe it isn’t… I am thankful we didn’t plan on starting this cycle because we would be unbelievably unprepared.


I have a longer cycle lasting around 30-32 days and therefore we didn’t expect the little machine to have an egg diagram until the 6th of October… Instead it was there this morning. Me: What all my months of paper tracking were wrong?


Yesterday we were excited to see my bar spike from low/no fertility (1 bar) to medium 2 bar fertility. But we didn’t expect to see it spike to egg level fertility in just 1 day. All of this makes me question my own normality.  


To be honest, probably for the last year, I have had a pit in my stomach; because of family history I feared I would be infertile. Therefore anything that takes me off my nicely charted course, at least initially scares the crap out of me. At the present moment J has more faith in this little machines ability to track our progress, where as I am prone to trust my calendar system, which I color-coded and followed for the last few months…


We have planned for the start of this process for such a long time, as all of you out there have. I guess I didn’t expect the pressure I am feeling. In one of my favorite singer’s words, “So I’ve been making a place for you. Not with a cradle but with each thing I do. To make myself a better woman, I hope I can become her” (Anne Heaton: Momma To You)


It’s hard for me to relinquish control over to this little machine… I just have this overwhelming desire to do everything right and a huge part of me didn’t anticipate the learning curve involved with the process.


I admit that have been a lurking blog reader for a while now and you ladies make the technicality part sound so easy. I expected to be emotionally challenged but not so process challenged. A part of my naive self thought the work we put in to prepare for this part of our lives to begin would be the hardest and most challenging part of the process.


I guess we are learning… And I need to accept that it’s all a little complicated.