Let the process truly commence

It must be the colder weather creeping into Minnesota but the reality of just how close December is has arrived. If on schedule I should ovulate in the very beginning of December and so we are now in the process of figuring everything out. We have moved past the daydreaming part of figuring this all out and are now in the actual concrete part of this process.   


We have been settled on a donor for a while but for some reason I still continue to visit the donor site? I am not entirely sure why this is but I think it has to do with how awkward the process of selecting a donor feels to me. For me, the process seems so formal and overall it holds deep connotations to sadness.


I don’t doubt one of my own personality quirks contributes to making this process so challenging, as I am someone who thrives off processing and gets excited to analyze information. However this whole adventure is overwhelming because I want to make the best decision; while using all the provided details. (I won’t lie in the early stages I was not so far from creating a spreadsheet)  


Ultimately I find it hard to decide what qualities are most important and what features are most pronounced. These are details that most couples don’t think about unless experiencing this unique process of planned parenthood. I guess overall it feels like a disconnected process which forces you to select on reasons utterly unrelated to emulating the person you love.


Anyway, after browsing on the donor site today, I confirmed pricing for the insemination procedures with the clinic we will be using. I feel like prices have gone up since I checked last but I am still waiting to see if my insurance will in deed cover 6 inseminations. If so the monthly price is reduced by about 420 a cycle. Overall making a huge difference!


All of our paperwork is submitted, our selections are made, and our clinic is on notice. This is really going to happen. December is coming and we will be ready!