December Delayed … Before it began

So this past week has brought good and bad news for us. It has taken me a while to process and readjust my thinking but I am finally ready to blog about it all.


To start, I haven’t talked about this yet on here but I was laid off this past February from a job I loved but a place I had grown to hate. This was a traumatic change that took adjusting to but eventually the layoff became a positive event.


We adjusted to unemployment once my severance ran out and we found the forced situation allowed us to refocus our life. This being said our baby timeline was put on hold and we focused on other things.


Just as I began to get sick of working fulltime at finding a job, one fell into my lap and it has turned out to be wonderful. Until Friday: To break it down:


Things I love about my new job:

  • Small office (4 people)
  • Casual dress (Jeans every day) It’s construction…
  • Great pay a 30 % increase from my last job in construction
  • Great insurance once hired after contract period (Covers birth at 100%)


Things I found out on Friday:

I was hired as a contract position but they have decided to keep me on after my contract expires, which we thought was this last Friday (3 months from start date) …  

  • But no… It’s a 640 hour contract… So that was the first piece of bad news… It won’t end until mid November
  •  Second, There is a waiting period for the great insurance mentioned above… 60 Days… So we will be waiting again. I thought it started immediately…
  • The good news… I asked for a 7% raise upon hire and they countered with an 11.5 % raise. Overall making my devastating layoff/forced move a nearly 45% increase in pay!


So we spent the weekend adjusting to not trying this December… Instead we decided to bump up home projects we had put off till next spring. We picked out new windows and started having insulation quotes for our second story.


J also indulged me with encouraging some fun home purchases in order to get my mind off the baby stuff.    


Sorry for the long post. I know to most this all seems like good news but for some major reasons its very disappointing for me. I am however trying to get excited about February… Most likely our first try…