Thanksgiving was a success. 4 people and 3 dogs all had a wonderful time!

We enjoyed our thanksgiving traditions that have been perfected over the last 6 years. Our version of this holiday had its start in a 500 square foot studio apartment, J and I hade only known each other 4 months and we clearly had our differences.

I was a strict vegetarian and she was a devoted meat eater to say the least. My parents joined us and my father and I cooked the entire meal on an apartment size stove with no counter top space. We then served the meal on a tiny 2 person dinning room table. My father even made J her own small organic free range chicken… I must note that this was the last time meat was served at our thanksgiving… Yes I converted her.

I think I love this holiday because it gives me an excuse to provide for all the people I love the most. Thanksgiving was quite the start for us and its roots and history have made this holiday, the one I look forward to the most.

This year I did the cooking but J graciously helped me with the cleaning and prep work.

She played the DJ and the mandatory break enforcer. She refilled my coffee with baileys and reheated it when I left it too long. She documented the process, with photographs. She captured the pumpkin Bundt (Very Minnesotan) I started making at 7 AM. And the lunch array of appetizers and the big dinner spread that was served at 5 PM.

J found beautiful moments after the meal was served capturing my mother and I looking over the chosen sperm donor’s profile. The photos show us laughing about the inclusion of odd details, like his eyebrow shape, earlobes and facial hair texture. 

This year brought some changes. As it was filled with defined moments, when we realized that if one our first few tries takes, we will have either a really pregnant lady in the kitchen or a couple-week old, by this time next year. We will be either nearing parenthood or experiencing the joys of being new parents. We will be either learning to balance the changes or anticipating the changes to come.

I am hopeful that our next thanksgiving will include an addition of a little one.  One who will initiate new traditions and whose existence will generate many things to be thankful for.

For this year, I am thankful for my wonderfully accepting and supportive family. For my parents who have accepted J as their daughter. I am thankful to my wife who keeps me grounded, supports my passions and encourages me to seek a deeper experience of my own life, each day. She is truly my better half and I excitedly look forward to witnessing her becoming a mother and I am so very privileged to be traveling this journey with her.   

Photos to follow tonight…