Rant to follow…

Stupid expensive test thingy!

How can I go from having months of consistency…?

Consistency with only one heightened reading of level 2 always followed by the next day’s peak fertility status…

To this messed up month with now 4 days of reading level 2 and not a sign of a peak yet.

Does my system not know what grief it’s causing to my color coding tracking?

I begin worrying that its reflecting my fears of infertility or my inability to test correctly! Either way too much frustration far too early in the morning. Not to mention its making me wait now for 20 minutes after I wake before I can test! (I know this one is my fault, from my setting for this cycle, but it’s starting to make me angry)

I am hopeful that tomorrow will straighten everything out!

          *** Day 5 now… No change. Still waiting

          *** Day 6 now… No change. Not really waiting anymore. Just frustrated!