Advice needed…

So the last couple weeks have been filled with wonderful family events however it’s nice to return to a little bit of normalcy. Of sorts:

With our insemination date fast approaching some worries have begun to creep in.

We were on target for an end of January/ beginning of February insem but things are getting complicated. For the many months we have been charting everything has been very consistent and predictable. Until the past month:

I posted about my lack of ovulation in November and I now fear this month is leading to the same outcome. I should have ovulated close to December 30th but nothing still…If I don’t ovulate by tomorrow morning; I am at a loss for the next step?

It doesn’t appear I am having an issue with estrogen but I am not having a LH surge?

Our options:

  • We wait and hope to ovulate in the beginning of February but with my need for control I worry about not knowing when to place an order for vials?
    • We aren’t currently paying for monthly storage but I guess we would have to if we would need to return the order? Not sure how this works?
  • We get more proactive and call the clinic and discuss options.
  • One option being clomid I think?

I guess the honest truth is I haven’t done research on this part of the process? I was naively riding on no complications. And now we are both at a loss…

We aren’t putting this on hold again but I just don’t know what the next step is?

Of course I spent hours researching anovulatory cycle but now what…

Advice… What next?