Feeling a little better…

Thanks for all the advice!

It absolutely helped me to wrap my head around our change in course.


Bad news:

  • Definitely didn’t ovulate this month – Clinic seemed worried but not alarmed
    • 2nd cycle in a row with no ovulation: “isn’t a good sign” says NP – Thanks I already know that!

Good news:

  • I have an appointment next Wednesday to evaluate and create a new plan
  • Clinic is allowing us to pay via statement on a monthly basis with no interest
    • I was worried about the increase in costs but this option will really help!
  • Some items (Blood work/ ultrasounds) maybe covered by insurance starting February
  • Everyone I talked with yesterday were helpful and encouraging!      
  • In other news: J starts her new job on Monday!

New Cost Break down:

   Monthly Cost 1 insem Monthly Cost 2 insem
Sample + Courier 450.00 810.00
IUI + Clinic testing 214.00 428.00
Clomid 40.00 40.00
Clomid monitored checks 90.00 180.00
Blood work Day Three 152.00 152.00
Blood work Day Ten 69.00 69.00
Ultrasound 182.00 182.00
                                              TOTAL:  1197.00  1861.00


The only part of this breakdown that isn’t firm is the use of blood work and ultrasounds. The billing department said the use of these vary from doctor to doctor. I will know more when I meet with our lady doctor next week and I am hopeful for beginning still the end of this month… We will see?