Confusion… Response to frustrations:

The CBF monitor registered that I had a surge to level three this morning… on CD29 of my normal 33 day cycle; it is displaying the happy egg… WTF, I am so confused.

I plan on going to the Walgreens’ over my lunch hour and getting another test… If it confirms my spike then I am calling the doctor and telling her clearly the monitor isn’t broken…

This would obviously not be a viable cycle for getting pregnant and she needs to regulate it appropriately… I am not a child… and I do understand what’s going on and she needs to respect what I feel is happening with my body! (Sorry I am trying to give  myself a little pep-talk in preparation)

UPDATE: Yes I absolutely tested at work 🙂 Awkward but I just couldn’t wait.

I went out and followed doctor’s orders getting the cheapest available testing sticks. Tested and confirmed that I have a LH surge… I will be contacting the clinic. Then I will be retesting tonight just to confirm.