Is it Wednesday yet?

This waiting is not good for my self-diagnosing personality. I can’t even begin to image how you all survive the tww. You are strong ladies! I have now diagnosed myself with luteal phase defect, thanks google… Among many other unrelated conditions… LPD could honestly be a possibility but the reality is, I don’t know! My luteal phase has varied from 12 days to 19 days… This doesn’t seem normal. I think I just need the reassurance of some real blood work based facts… Numbers and a plan are what I need.


I am on CD 40… Craziness… I feel like I am approaching the end. Closure to what has been the worst pre-attempt cycle ever. This cycle has exposed the worst of my character and has lasted longer than I have ever experienced! I am emotionally drained and in need of answers.


If this is true and I am nearing the end of this crap of a cycle… I am wondering what the fate is for February… I think if clomid becomes an option, it may still be possible to work this February into the mix, but my fear is that clomid isn’t the fix… I fear the fix is scarier… This is most likely the google in me talking but still I am looking forward to progress even if it diverts from my path of comfort.


Wednesday you couldn’t come soon enough…