A Party in my work bathroom

I just had a little party in my work bathroom. CD-1 will officially begin on my CB monitor tomorrow! So to break it down, I ovulated on day 30 and ended cycle on day 42. Meaning around 12 days… Interesting… We shall see how this cycle unfolds. I am just happy I didn’t spend 110.00 on the prescription for Prometrium… I could sense AF was coming and I am glad at least my body and I are still on talking terms.


Here’s hoping this is the beginning of our first IUI cycle! Now I have to decide on the logistics of it all and see how much gambling I am interested in doing. It helps that the bank we are using is local and they can courier in under a day. For no cost I can put our donor on hold for up to ten days and then they deliver same day if ordered by 8am.


If our CB monitor is working I should have 2 days notice… but this is where it gets sticky… I am not sure how you amazing ladies plan all this without going crazy… Anyone out there with CB monitor expertise… advice would be wonderful! Or any advice on timing for first IUI. I feel so ill-equipped.