Living the Now

Should nerves be getting to me this early? It’s only CD7 by CB fertility monitor and CD8 by fertilityfriend but the butterflies seem to be setting up shop in my uterus. The tank is set to arrive quite early, Monday the 8th but we could inseminate as early as Tue/Wed but I am betting on Thurs/Fri.


Is this really happening next week? How crazy is that. The planning phase of this process is one experience but I feel we are in for a new level of world altering excitement, frustration and most likely some heartbreak. But its progress and with each day we are both becoming more and more ready for an addition to our family.


Did I mention we both started taking yoga a few weeks ago? Well during last nights class closure our instructor read from a book I believe was called “Living Your Yoga”… The focus was being present in the Now and that it’s through deep respect for the current that one can become fully prepared for the future.


I feel we are here… In a place where we both respect exactly where we are but are also undeniable excited for all we hope to come. May the coming weeks be filled with acknowledgment of our past but more importantly respect for our current and excitement for our future.