Just waiting…

We have sperm and I’m experiencing what I presume to be pre-ovulation cramping along with overall body aches, so I think we are getting closer!


It’s now CD11 by CB fertility monitor and CD12 by fertilityfriend and wow I’m anxious. Due to the doctor’s distrust in our expensive monitor, we are now using three different testing methods on top of BBT and I’m overwhelmed. First it was just two methods but then I didn’t feel I could trust my interpretation of line color variations, so we sprung for the digital smile display also.   


Every morning it’s an endless process of peeing, dipping, testing and waiting… I’m trying to stay stress free but this process is overwhelming. So far all our various testing methods are confirming the same results: low fertility, very faint test lines with dark control line and no surge. So at least there is no need to second guess testing accuracy… On with the waiting.


Hoping this month starts taking shape soon… We are ready.