Does that line look darker to you?

Taking note of a few earlier calculation errors… We think we are looking at IUI’s this weekend… Meaning… that’s right Valentine’s Day… I am sure this will gain us lots of points with the on call doctor. Bringing a bag of chocolates to sugar coat the situation maybe in order.


It’s now CD14 by the CB fertility monitor and CD15 by fertilityfriend and I am not letting myself think about having another off month! This first try is all about unsupported but enthusiastic optimism! We will deal with the ramifications of my oblivion if/when the time comes. For now I am working on not letting my brain go there.


Our lines seem to be getting darker… my temps seem to be following suit and again it’s a waiting game. With the excess of testing methods we are using, I have moved to testing twice in the AM and then once in the afternoon, which has effectively unstressed my mornings.