One down…

Well, one down and one to go.

IUI #1 was at 1pm – Strong motility around 30%, which for frozen we were told was very strong – Cervix was nearing open state and soft. It seems my cervix is curved causing the procedure to be challenging and rather painful. I thought I was going to either pass out or throw up for about a 10 minute period, when the doctor was attempting to complete the procedure. A procedure she first said would only take about a minute… Not exactly how it worked for me…

An hour or so after the procedure I experienced some slight bleeding which was explained by the on-call doctor to be a result of my more complicated insemination. The doctor seemed to think our timing looked good but still recommended tomorrow’s already scheduled appointment.

I will be spending the rest of the evening relaxing and thinking sticky thoughts!

*No worries I have at least one picture to post later. Seeing as we very rarely spend this much money on intangible items. I felt a photo was necessary.