Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming. What do we do? We swim, swim.

What a difference a day makes – Today was a completely different experience…

To begin the receptionist was someone J use to know in high school. I didn’t know anything about this woman but while in the waiting room J says she has to tell me a story when they take us back… It turns out this lady is very straight but J and her slept together years ago… Too funny and random! She wished us luck!

We had a wonderful doctor who praised our timing even though I was initially fearing we were a little on the late side. We tested before the appointment and I hadn’t ovulated yet but the appointment was at 9:30 which could have been exactly 36 hours after initial LH surge. The doctor seemed to think our timing couldn’t have been any better.

So exciting! Now the TWW begins.

I leave you with…

Waiting After