The TWW Begins

Things I’m excited to attend in order to help keep my mind from our TWW.

Tonight we are attending, the “Foot in the Door,” art exhibition at the MIA. The exhibit is held only every 10 years and this time it happens to feature a piece from two of our closest friends. We are so proud and excited for them and we can’t wait to join in the celebration of their success tonight!

An example of their amazing work!

Visit them at:

Friday we are attending a small music show at a local coffee-house that features a wonderful local folk artist, Sasha Mercedes. I am excited for an evening of music and relaxation.

Then Saturday, we will definitely lug the pooches to the puppy park and then we are attending a roller derby put on by the North Star Roller Girls in the evening.

Roller Derby Bout

All these activities and we will only be on 4DPO. Wow, this is going to be a long wait. I think I may need to come up with some more distracting things to get accomplished in the next 2 weeks. Welcoming suggestions on how you have all survived TWW.