Waiting Patiently… Or at least trying

I’ve spent this past week cooking my way through this TWW. I started with baking, then moved on to soup and different cold salads and last night I ended with two different quiches. Here’s the list in its entirety; Banana Bread, Raspberry Shortbread thumbprint cookies, barley-vegetable soup, pasta salad, cucumber salad and finally mushroom/onion and artichoke parmesan quiche.


Our kitchen can’t take anymore of this version of distraction and I need to move on to a different method. I’m 6DPO and riding an extreme rollercoaster of emotions right now. I’m trying to stay sane and not over analyze everything I’m feeling but it’s extremely difficult to separate it all out.


We are at the halfway point and optimistically I’m hoping the time will starts speeding up. My temp dipped considerable today and I have included my chart below for my own memories sake. I am still sketchy on interpreting these charts but I think mine looks alright? I am working on letting go and seeking out a new distraction for the remaining week. Lastly I wanted to send a huge congrats to the ladies at http://mina-in-nyc.blogspot.com/ on the BFP they received Sunday!



chart 2-24-2010