Waiting… However less patiently

At 9DPO, my temps are still climbing and I am feeling so ready to test! My patience is declining and I’m becoming more restless. I’m hoping our busy Saturday plans keeps me distracted but I’m worried that with pregnancy tests being purchased for use on Sunday/Monday my reserve may be compromised. With all the warnings about testing early, I should be content waiting till Monday but I feel I’m at my braking point. Waiting until Sunday sounds like a compromise to me!


I have been documenting my symptoms for my own use. At this point I don’t have the courage to put them out in the universe to only realize I was taking detailed notes on my PMS. So for now…I am trying to make it to Sunday!


Sending positive pregnancy vibes to the gals at: http://2momswithaplan.blogspot.com

Hopefully we will both get wonderful news this weekend!