I’ve been better:

Sadly my wonderful grandpa passed away yesterday evening. We had seen him this past weekend when we had brunch together which was a blessing because my grandparents live about 8 hours away. I detailed this amazing man in my graduation post found here.

This week has been a slight disaster that began with our insane plan to finish the hardwood floors in two rooms of our house. This is a project that we put off for three years and that really does need to be done. But with all that’s going on “now” isn’t feeling like the best timing.

On a whim a number of years ago I decided to start tearing up carpet in our 100 year old home and discovered hardwood floors. Well then life got busy and we never did anything else about it. Now we are but sadly I am just wishing I had my home right now. I am sad and without all my normal comforts. Our pups are not with us and tonight we will be staying in a foreign hotel.

To detail our last 24 hours; we first needed to move everything from those rooms to the dining room and then we needed to find a place to be for 3 days. This morning we got ourselves and everything else moved out and we will be in a hotel for the next few days. I’m moving slow and feeling sad. I lack motivation but have my wonderful wife to do most of the hard work. I am occupying what should be referred to as “lump status” where I slowly move from one place to the next not accomplishing much of anything.

Today finally begins CD1 and I will be picking up a new prescription for clomid this evening to begin taking on CD3. This drug makes me nervous, primarily because it’s new to my body and I’m not sure how I will react.

I’m working on positivity but falling quite short today.