Well I think progress is being made. I’m not sure if my stress level is reacting yet but we are moving in the right direction.


I placed an order for sperm to arrive on the 12th, a little on the early side but that seems to be a necessity when on clomid.  Our bank doesn’t ship over the weekend and with my math and earlier ovulation, I think it could happen as early as the 14th. We again upgraded to 2 week tank and I’m hopeful this will help alleviate some timing stress. Vial prices and shipping both went up – nice little shocker this morning… Hoping this isn’t a trend.


Clomid starts tonight – per online suggestions I am taking it in the evening with the goal of lessening some of the scary side effects. We have decided to do another round with 2 insems that will most likely happen between the 15th – 18th. If this try doesn’t work, I think we are planning on finally taking all your wonderful advice and finding ourselves a RE.


We spent the last two nights in a hotel and tonight we will drive half way to the north woods and stay in another hotel, before driving the rest of the distance to the funeral on Saturday. Our journey will take us just about to Canada but will leave us in Baudette Minnesota, my grandparents hometown.


My grandpa has left an amazing legacy and as much sadness as this event will entail, it will also be filled with the amazing  stories that made up his life. The one I remember most as a little girl was that my grandpa was the first shop teacher to allow girls to take shop class. Now, I can’t remember if this was in the region, state or what but I do remember thinking wow, my Grandpa thinks I can do anything!

     **** I just found out he was also mayor for 14 years. Here is the link to his obit.


We will then return to our home, still in disarray but with nice finished hardwood floors and attempt to get ready for an oscar party… Well at least that was the plan. Maybe I will be brave enough to post some photos of the craziness that has been our life over the past 3 days. Hope everyone is doing well and I look forward to catching up on blogs when we return.