Home again…

Over 24 hours – We drove 15 – Sleep 6 – and cried the remainder. Back home now.

It was amazingly touching to see everyone who came to say goodbye. The church was lined with those who knew dale from throughout the years. Grandpa dale will be missed but never forgotten. His memory will live on through the students he taught, the community he impacted and the grandchildren who adored him. My grandma was a pillar of strength as she went from table to table thanking everyone for joining her on what she said was just another party for dale. They met at around 15, were together around 63 years while being  married around 54 years. What an amazing example to look up to… I will attempt to emulate your perfection grandpa.

We took Monday off primarily to recover and restore our home from the disaster zone it has been in since last week. Pictures below will document our progress which still isn’t fully finished.

The highlight of our 14 hour car ride was the hotel I had reserved at our half way point. It was a fancy resort place but due to a large hockey game in a rather small town, it was our only option. When we got up to our very nice room, we began to notice things were a little off… Bed was a little sloppy, trash and beer cans in the wastebasket and open items in the bathroom.

I went down to the reception desk, too exhausted to argue for an upgrade but intending to clarify that our room wasn’t already being lived in by someone else. But the receptionist was appalled and quickly gave us a new room… So we went from a very nice, if not smaller double-queen room to a condo apartment with 2 separate bedrooms, fireplace, kitchen, dining room and Patio.

I haven’t experienced much for side effects from the clomid except for a few emotional breakdowns but those could have been stress induced. Along with increased headaches and overall soreness. Temps have been higher then normal but still seem to be registering. Sperm arrives this Friday and hopefully we will be inseminating sometime next week.

Back to work tomorrow and hopefully some normalcy.

Pictures below: Still a work in progress. Needing paint, finished trim and an office chair/ Credenza.


Smaller Bedroom


Office floors before

Hall before (After removing linoleum)

Hall all finished

Hall with new rug

This is a desk?

Almost done...