Cycle 2, Day 8

Yesterday was my last day taking clomid and overall side effects have been minimal. I had some progressive headaches but I am prone to migraines. I also experienced extreme tiredness and emotional sensitivity but we both survived my unpredictability with very few scars.

I’m a little concerned that the symptoms are just beginning as I noticed some sharp twinges (not full on cramps) but stop me in my place painful twinges late last night and early this morning. I’m still so nervous that I will be among the few that experience bad reactions to this drug but hopefully I’m already in the clear.

Specimens arrive this Friday and I’m hoping LH surge is still detectable with my CBF monitor and Opk’s. My temps are all over the map and are also registering much higher then my normal range, so I fear they will be rather useless. This leaves me with CM –for me this is normally a reliable predictor however I guess not when on clomid! This month could be stressful. We are looking at ovulation as early as Sunday but most likely towards the end of next week.