Cycle 2, Day 12

It’s now CD12 and I’m continuing to seek out distractions as I anxiously await a LH surge. This cycle introduced clomid to my system, which has resulted in my doubting most normal ovulation signs. This drug has been helping me create a list of reasons why I would like to avoid using it for any extended period of time. Unpleasant symptoms have increased following my 5 days and the list now includes; disorienting hot flashes, nightmares, emotional breakdowns and other unpleasant reactions. An example you ask: I started to uncontrollably cry after my wife inadvertently hit a rather large Minnesota pot hole – Yes it was startling and noisy but my reaction was unprecedented and it continued for nearly a half hour.

In good news: I enjoyed making a thai themed dinner last night for a few close friends. My menu was inspired by a close friend who blogs here and who introduced me to the Laab appetizer. My Menu included:

Appetizer: Tofu Laab with lettuce wraps and mint dipping sauce.

Main: Thai Drunken Basil Noodles with Mock Duck.

Dessert: Mango on Coconut Sticky Rice.

Picture proof below…

Tofu Cooking for Laab

Laab Final with Basil Sauce

Peppers for Basil Noodles

Peppers for Basil Noodles

Finished Thai Basil noodles

Coconut Sticky Rice with Mango