Cycle 2, Day 14 (another clomid question)

I think we are looking at Wednesday and Thursday for insems. At least if my interpretation of what has remained of my symptoms is accurate. I increased my dosage of Primrose this cycle to compensate for the clomid and this morning I had my first sighting of large amounts of EWCM. Usually I will get a positive OPK in the afternoon on the first day I notice EWCM, meaning insems would be the following two days.


Question for any clomid users out there:

I started having painful cramping today and really painful side twinges. So painful I’m worried they are actually ovulation cramping and that I have missed inseming altogether? I have yet to see any spikes on my CBFM or on OPKS and EWCM just showed today. But I know that OPK’s are unreliable with clomid. Did any of you experience these intense cramps before having a positive OPK?


This week is a little complicated. I am crazy sick… Not fun! Causing me to google search all the items I can/can’t take as to not mess with my ovulation. My discoveries: excessive amounts of vitamin c and E are out, therefore AIRBIORNE isn’t an option. I guess doubling up on Echinacea is also harmful, who knew? So I am going unmediated and as a result just hanging in there.


There is another contributor to the stress that I haven’t mentioned on here yet because it makes me so angry. Well, remember how we had the floors finished a few weekends ago. Well they messed up on the two rooms and also spilled polyurethane on our already finished dining room floors. So now they are coming out to redo them this Thursday, meaning we are kicked out for another night. Luckily I honed my clomid emotions and yelled enough to get us dog boarding and a free hotel for the night. It will just be stressful going from the hotel to the clinic for insems but we will do what needs to be done… Grrrr.