The confusion continues

I had a jump to level2 this morning on my CBFM and a clearly darkening line on my OPK that was nonexistent yesterday. I guess I can’t trust my CM when on clomid. I still feel like I already ovulated and I just can’t explain it? I don’t even know if it’s possible to ovulate and then receive positive responses on CBFM?

I guess for now we are waiting for a positive digital OPK before we move forward? My temp continued to climb this morning but hasn’t reached anywhere near my highest temp this month? So I guess you were all right… maybe I haven’t ovulated yet. I usually get about 3 days of EWCM and maybe when on clomid my body can only muster one day…

Here’s hoping March is back on. Last month when I reached level2 on CBFM I had a positive OPK by 5pm that day.

*** UPDATE *** ewcm has made a comeback – March may still be on!