What is up with this chart (4DPO???)

I’m at a complete loss – I’m beginning to doubt the BBT process, clomid and the success of this cycle all together. My chart thinks I ovulated on CD16 but this doesn’t make sense? I continued to have positive OPK’s up until 3pm on the following day.


My temps are all over the map and I don’t know what to think about any of this? I’m guessing my temps were being altered by a few main outside influences including:

  1. My miserable cold that lead to an inability to breath for a week
  2. Moving two full rooms of furniture into two much smaller rooms in order to accommodate all our wood floors being finished again!!!
  3. Moving from our home to a hotel 2 times and back in the last 5 days.
    • Pictures to follow tonight


Any thoughts on this messed up chart? Is it telling me I didn’t ovulate with the extreme drop today, or that I’m just finally not sick anymore and my temps have returned to a more normal but still heightened level? I guess my range has been the same last month to this month around 97.9 – 98.4 but February wasn’t as erratic as March. Charts below.

March 22nd Chart


Feb Chart 2010