Moving On . . .

So tomorrow will be 12DPO – but this cycle seems to be coming to a close. My temps are aggressively dropping and my pre-period symptoms are overwhelming. All tests have been negative and I’ve emotional let go of this cycle. And after much discussing…


I’m finally taking the advice of this smart lady and we are moving on… To the more expensive but hopefully extremely competent fertility factory, where I will get pregnant! I’m joining the world of monitored cycles, fertility specialists and honestly I’m excited to leave some of the timing stress behind. It’s still unclear if this transition will mean a month without trying… But we should know more soon.


The overall cost will come out to more than double what we have been paying but I’m hoping this doesn’t matter because the effectiveness will overshadow the monetary hiccup! I’m waiting to hear back from the scheduler to get us in for a new patient meeting.