Thank you!

I’m so entirely touched by all the love and support we have received over the past 24 hours. You are all so amazing and we are just so blessed to be surrounded by such a strong community. Reading each of the hoorays and congrats was so moving and has helped to make this all more real.


Reaching the other side of the pregnancy test has brought a new level of fear into my life that I didn’t necessarily anticipate. My confirmation appointment isn’t until April 22nd. I don’t know how I will stay sane until then? The 22nd is just so far from now… I’ve been getting super friendly with my clinic’s nurse line and I’ve now been reassured that minor cramping and other pre-menstrual symptoms are nothing to worry about. I just don’t understand how they can stay so calm when I’m freaking out.


Today I was reassured that it’s also ok if my pregnancy test lines aren’t getting much darker… I don’t know about this but I’m trying to learn to trust them??? I was told with reassurance that the darkness isn’t the important part… Rather the facts that, 1. I haven’t started my period, 2. my temps are still high and 3. the results are still reading as positive. Means… I’m pregnant… They tell me stop stressing out and just breathe. This I’m working it. I think in a few days its time to stop peeing on sticks… Currently, I just feel like it’s my only option for knowing what’s going on in there???


This is a whole new world with different scary things that I still need to get accustomed to… We are blessed, I’m beyond excited but still I can’t help being petrified. Thanks to the ladies at breathedragon  for the Sugar Doll nomination, in an effort to stay busy until the 22nd, I plan to complete this in the near future.