As of today…

I’m either 15DPO or 4 weeks 3 days pregnant. Not sure yet how to phrase all this?

Today has been a little stressful with the onset of some severe lower right-side abdominal pain. I noticed the pain initially this morning when sneezing and then continually at different periods of the day. Pain when I get up quickly, pain when I bend or sit, pain when I cough or sneeze. You get the picture.

I called the nurse line around noon and they were concerned and contacted my doctor. Thankfully it seems to be too early for ectopic pregnancy pains so the conclusion is either extreme ligament pains or I’ve developed a corpus luteum cyst. My doctor thinks the cyst is the most likely diagnosis due to my clomid use this last cycle. As long as I don’t start bleeding, spike a fever or get faint my doctor isn’t overly concerned about its presence. If any conditions change this weekend I’m to call the emergency on call doctor.

On the reassuring side, my temps are still climbing, tests are still positive and I’m beginning to have some other noticeable symptoms. Breakfast isn’t going well… I haven’t yet found the right morning food balance. Suggestions warmly welcomed. I’ve never been a breakfast girl so it’s a complete challenge to work that meal into my morning routine, especially because nothing sounds good. So far its been working to have one glass of almond milk and one glass of tomato juice each morning… And switching my vitamins to the evening.

I’m finding myself getting hungry much more abruptly and once I’m hungry I need to eat something immediately or I feel completely sick. My complexion is struggling but we just got a new moisturizer from the co-op that I hope helps. I’m experiencing these odd dry patches on my face that I’ve never had before? My back is struggling and I’ve noticed I’m not sleeping as soundly at night? Not for any reason I can find but I am now able to take daytime naps – something I’ve never been able to do. So I guess it’s a fair trade?

2 weeks 6 days until our confirmation appointment! I feel slightly left behind and in the dark because my clinic doesn’t perform beta tests… So I’m really hoping the time goes quickly.