Holding Pattern…

Lately it has felt like time isn’t moving, except to remind me of how off track the last few weeks have been. I’m sick of treading water while waiting for the next appointment and I’m anxious to move forward. I’m still sad, I’m still frustrated but I’ve also noticed I’m beginning to let go.

I need this appointment to come quickly so we can move onto the possibility of May. I haven’t been charting, temping or anything. Some days I feel more lost but spring distractions have been wonderful. We have a wedding to attend this weekend as well as plans with close friends, so hopefully this will help next Thursday come quickly.

The plan is that unless the appointment with our current clinic goes horribly we will stay with what works and hold off on transferring to the specialists. We are thinking that under the new circumstances, we are justified in asking for a little extra monitoring from them and that will help relieve some stress from the process.