Continuing and tagging …

Thanks for the tag, Pom.


I think we’re looking for one-word answers:

Hair: longish

Your Mother: supportive

Your Father: creative

Fav Food: avocado

Dream Last Night: forgotten

Fav Drink: limeade

What room are you in?: living

Hobby: dancing

Fear: disconnection

Where were you last night?: home

Something that you aren’t: patient

Muffins: apple

Wish List Item: progress

Where you grew up: midwest

What you are wearing: jeans

Your Pet: genuine

Friends: lovely

Something you’re not wearing: makeup

Fav Store: target

Fav Color: purple

Last time you laughed: evening

Your Best Friend: wife

Best place you go over and over: dog park

Person who you email regularly: wife

Fav Place to Eat: thai

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*** In other happenings:


Finally our post appointment is tomorrow. I’m ready to move forward, discuss options and start all over again. May can be nothing but better! The time line of this lost pregnancy is still ingrained in me but I’m becoming more comfortable looking to the future. It’s hard when so many outward elements remind me of what was lost but I’ve accepted that I don’t need to forget, instead I just need to continue on.