Outlook good…

Appointment is done… And there were tears but ultimately we developed a new game plan. The appointment was with the same NP who successfully got me pregnant and who has performed 3 of my 4 IUI’s over the last two cycles. We have decided we adore her and moving forward we will try hard to keep getting her.

She (who needs a nickname) put everything in perspective without lessening our experience or belittling the situation. She awkwardly joked with us but at the same time everything she said was heartfelt and warm. She talks with her hands, randomly laughs and brings a sense of calmness to me. She confirmed that staying where we are, instead of changing routes makes good sense. But was also willing to switch a few things around this next cycle… That’s right MAY is on! I could detail the appointment happenings but instead I’d like to move forward.

This next cycle will introduce, progesterone blood-testing and suppositories if necessary, beta testing with the next BFP, an early check appointment and what seems like more accommodations with IUI scheduling. She seemed to confirm that I’m in charge and they will try their best with the increased monitoring, even though it’s not their normal practice. Allowing us to stay where I’m just becoming comfortable brought more solace than I thought possible.