A few additional changes:

Hoping a few changes will help increase our chances this next month:

  • Changed diet (increased protein, cut carbs & calories by 800)
  • Finally joined local Co-op and we are now shopping there exclusively
  • Switched to Almond milk from soy for content benefits
  • Added Whey protein daily
  • Switched to preconception prenatal (stage 1 type)
  • Increased daily exercise (Running 3 miles daily and added 2 evening dog walks)  
  • Lost 10 lbs
  • Starting Yoga twice a week this Thursday  
  • Starting acupuncture Saturday @ center specializing in fertility treatment. Plan: 1-2 treatments per week during the Clomid phase to enhance follicle growth, egg health and endometrial lining. Then 1 treatment 5-7 days after ovulation to relax the uterus during implantation time.



  • Last 2 weeks of BBT are off the charts crazy – lacking any recognizable pattern, no ovulation rise/fall and inconsistent overall temperature range
  • Impending period? Will I need to take medication to induce or not? AND: How will May be impacted by these factors?   



  • Anyone out there had any success with natural progesterone? Doctor said she would prefer the prescription stuff but I was looking into alternatives…
  • What about baby aspirin? 81 Milligrams at bedtime…