Undercover Cycle revealed:

Apologies for the secrecy…

Initially we needed a little space with this last IUI and we felt the only way to accomplish this would be by keeping our last clinic performed IUI offline. UNTIL… Today when things changed a bit.

What began as a covert maneuver has grown and morphed to the stage where we’ve decided to share…

I continued to keep lots of detailed notes… So here are some notes dating from before today:

  • May 18th – CD1 Finally after almost 50 days following miscarriage cycle – Immediately I noticed an extreme emotional shift- more balanced
  • May 19th – Discuss options… At home vs. at clinic… As we are still waiting for our specilist appointment. After much discussion and numerous conversations with my doctor/nurse… The clinic wins again…
  • May 20th – Begin clomid (50mg) took @ 7pm (40 min late w/ pill 4… Panic… Then move on)
  • May 21st – Started mantra based meditation (stress reduction)
  • May 21st – Ordered vials to arrive on 5/28
  • May 24th – Last clomid dose – First noticeable twinges on right side. Only major symptoms during 5 days were the intense hot flashes, headaches and occurrences of odd dreams.
  • May 25th – CD8 – Start OPK testing with CBdigitals. Still waiting on monitor instructed testing in AM
  • May 25th – First specialist appointment with RE

Then everything changed… Looking back on today I think we were wooed…

Wooed by the fancy doctor lady, her extensive knowledge, random jokes and aggressiveness. I was given a packet that included my insurance pre-qualification details and right away I was shocked to see how much was covered by my insurance! Nearly 90% will be covered with a life time max but still more than I imagined.

After we covered the basics… including getting a waive for the psych. evaluation and discussing a few additional blood tests. She says…

“Well you’re on CD8… do you want to start with us today”… We were completely shocked.

Moments later I was getting this done. Take a peak:

What's this you ask... It's my uterus.

Having completed my baseline ultrasound and blood work. I also received a glowing report on my lining and a beautiful picture of my leading 13mm follicle along with a few smaller ones. Then we were walked down the hall to their onsite laboratory… Where they will store our units for FREE!!! We can stop ordering the 14day upgrade tank and instead they can wash and store them right on site!

We will be back this saturday for another ultrasound and tomorrow I will fill my new prescription for ovidrel. J will be handling this process as I pass out with even simple blood draws.

So here we are… absolutely loving the fertility factory for its simplicity and aggressive nature. I’m absolutely loving monitored cycles and knowledgeable doctors.