Follie Update:

So here we go… Try three:

CBFM registered level two yesterday and this morning we received a spike to peak.

  • It’s CD12 – I’m ovulating earlier as each clomid cycle progresses

Second ultrasound confirmed my dominate follie is now 22mm and lining is 11mm. I also had a few at 15mm. Nurse seemed really happy with the numbers. So we will trigger tonight and then do back to back IUI’s the following two days.

The one unsettling item – that I’m still trying to get comfortable with is that this fancy fertility factory isn’t so worried about timing… I know that we are triggering but I still think timing should be of the essence… No? Maybe I’m just missing my control… Lastly, I will excitedly send out a spermies update tomorrow morning – as it will be our first full analysis.

So, if you can spare it, please send us some fertile thoughts tomorrow around 11.