Entering TWW number 3…

Well – We are back on another TWW. This one brings the addition of some lack of control. I have a question for anyone with experience using a trigger shot. I guess I’m looking for a little reassurance.

The facts:

As of this morning FF is claiming I ovulated on the same day I had my LH surge. This was a day before the first IUI and also the same day we triggered with Ovidrel.

It seems FF is saying this because my temp spiked the day after. Is this common – a temp spike after an ovidrel shot? Therefore making FF think I ovulated when actually my temp spiked from the medication?

Due to the clomid I’m not having any of my other ovulation symptoms. So honestly I’m feeling a little lost. My 2nd IUI went fine today, I had no extreme pain with the catheter and cervix appeared still open.

So what gives? Why the assumed early ovulation and temp spike. Anyone else experience this when triggering?