Time is crawling by…

It’s 4DPO, or at least that’s what I’m going with after manually adjusting my FF ovulation date. This two-week wait seems to be crawling by and I’m absolutely taking any and all distraction suggestions. Here are a few items we do have going on over the next few days.


Friday night we have a dog park adventure planned followed by a nice date night. Including dinner at a Thai infused restaurant (thanks to dear friends for the birthday gift) and ending with a movie.


Saturday for the first time ever… we are watching J’s nephew. Minus the one time we watched him for maybe 30 minuets and dad (J’s brother) didn’t tell mom about this one. I mentioned in a few posts how we were deemed unfit to watch him in the past due primarily (I assumed) to our gayness…  But a few weeks ago, I had J tell her brother about the miscarriage because I didn’t want to continue hearing about how miserable he was that his wife was pregnant…Seeing as we had been at almost the same exact stage. And things have maybe slightly shifted?


Because we are watching him this weekend which delight’s J and I happen to be along for the ride because I have the “baby” experience. Having been a daycare director for many years. I don’t want to make it seem like a lot has changed, seeing as they exhausted all other childcare resources before asking… But it’s progress. And we are excited.  


So that concludes our weekend plans which will bring us to… 7DPO. Is that all? We will hold out on testing until the day before J’s birthday. So hopefully she will be getting the best gift ever this year.