11DPO and still waiting…

Well, we’ve made it 11 days without testing… I did however threaten to test this morning in order to wake J who was up with a friend until 2am.


It’s now around 11DPO and my temps are in the mid 98’s which is high for me and my symptoms (if we can call them that) resemble our lost month…  Lacking clarity but visible different. Could be a result of new drugs or could be something more lasting. Obviously it could go either way and I’m finding it honestly odd that I’m not jumping to test.


I think a large part of my heart is beyond nervous to test. Questions are circling my mind and I find I’m unsure of how I will react either way. Will I be guarded, ecstatic, reserved, or apprehensive? Will my fears or frustrations overshadow my theoretical excitement? The weight of this particular wait feels heavy with anticipation and I’m wondering what I will be able to accomplish, if anything before testing… 


*** My June chart for reference:

 June 2010 PDF