This time we weren’t alone and it made me smile

As we waited for a blood test following my disappointing appointment yesterday, we lost our status as the “token lesbians” when another lesbian couple joined us in the waiting room. For the first time we weren’t alone.


They exuded lovey anticipation and it made me smile. They sat closer than most and their legs would have rested more comfortably had they been intertwined. They were absolutely enchanting as they spoke to each other just above a whisper and I quietly wished their happiness would wear off on me.


I couldn’t help but wonder what point they had reached on this journey… Was their excitement adrenaline from just starting out or was it a result of nearing the end of their stay at the fertility factory? Maybe a positive pregnancy test?


Their hands weren’t busy filling out paperwork but freed to rest on the others lap. So it’s my assumption that congratulations are in order for the delightful lesbian couple in our practice’s waiting room. At some point we hope to join you and to my wandering happiness: I’ll take you back at anytime.


Here are a few details from the appointment bullet style:

  1. Lining still (borderline) thick at 5mm – meaning pregnancy test was done – even with my protesting. Result: NOT PREGNANT! 
  2. Clomid was doubled with hopes of creating additional follicles
  3. Disagreements were had about timing again!
    • My opinion: timing this last try was crap
    • Their opinion: timing wasn’t bad at all
    • This just means I will need to push for timing accuracy all on my own. I figure if they don’t care either way then I’ll be the one to put in the effort.


Is my thinking completely off that we should be aiming to trigger before I get a natural LH surge? I guess I’m wondering if my natural surge comes first which timing do I follow – the trigger or my LH surge?