Screw third time – fourth time’s the “real” charm

So as my wife leaves today for her annual solo cabin trip – I’m left contemplating this next try while still feeling crazy from doubling my medication…  Here are my thoughts: 


This next try will most likely fall on a number of monumental anniversaries… Including:

  • The 7 year anniversary of our first meeting
  • The 2nd year anniversary of our wedding ceremony
  • The 7th pride we’ve attending together *as we met at the Minneapolis pride and started dating a few days later


This sounds like perfect alignment for conception…If you ask me! And if you ask my wife her answer can be found below…


“Really…I’m thinking this next try is the one. Why else would I leave my family to spend a few days out in the wilderness, but to address the current state of affairs…having a little bambino!”


It’s time for it all to align and we’re so ready!