Daily dose of weirdness…

I arrived home from work first today and found an interesting letter addressed to my wife. The return name/address was illegible but I could tell from the weight that it included multiple pages.

As soon as she got home – I had her open and read the letter while I made dinner… Talk about craziness!

I’ve attached it for your reading pleasure

First here’s a little background:

  • My wife has a very strained relationship with her family
  • Her mother disapproves of our relationship and actually she wouldn’t call it a relationship
  • We bought our home together at 19 (an accomplishment) yet her mother didn’t attend our housewarming – Nor has she been to our home in the 6+ years we’ve owned it.
  • Very few people from her side were invited to our wedding because we knew it wouldn’t go over well but her mother was invited and chose not to come. Her father, 2 brother’s, grandmother and 2 cousins did attend. Grandma even got permission from her church so she could attend.
  • This letter is from her uncle Tim who wasn’t invited to the wedding and who she hasn’t had a relationship with (AT ALL)

Notable items after reading:

  • To start who actually sends a letter like this?
  • We got married 2 years ago – why is he sending this now?
  • Who calls a wedding a “get together” (PAGE 2&3)
  • Who calls someone’s spouse “this other person” (PAGE 3)
  • Interesting how Tim asks about J’s relationship with her mother – He makes it out to be her fault the relationship is lacking. When in reality the lack of a relationship is entirely her mother’s doing. We tried for years to make a relationship work with her – but the lady wouldn’t even make eye-contact with me. Nor would she respond when I spoke to her directly… So yes – now we don’t try but we did for about 5 years.

So to conclude: Has anyone else received a letter like this from a family member? How did you respond? Or did you just let it go?