Nothing… CD-16

This cycle is seriously bumming me out. Again no real growth over 3 days?

Lining is up to 12mm and maybe left side follicle grew 1mm but still reading at 10mm and 11mm. My final ultrasound will be on Thursday and if no major growth has happened this cycle will be canceled.

Honestly I’m pissed off and stressed out about the money spent on ultrasounds alone this cycle. I feel like we were making more progress before we started with all this fancy intervention. Now things just seem out of balance and manipulated. Making me more frustrated!


*** UPDATE – In response to a few questions:

I’m now on CD-16. On average I’ve had a LH surge around CD-11-14 when on fertility drugs and around CD-16 when not. Seeing as a I have a rather regular cycle they had no clue why this cycle would be so off? I left feeling like it had all been a waste of time and money. They know nothing more than I do – even with their fancy machines. I know this isn’t an exact science – I just had high expectations when switching over to this monitored process and instead it seems to keep letting me down.