A lot to be grateful for…

Yes… this will be an attempt at a happy post –shocking I know… But we have something to be extremely grateful for. *** Tainted only slightly by my current provera induced state of crap. Presenting as an intense migraine with overly heavy limbs and extreme physical exhaustion.


To begin – there are these remarkably kind ladies who have gifted us a slew of injectable medications. Our growing friendship has seemed to be the result of a perfect pairing, as our TTC experiences hold countless similarities. Their generosity leaves me completely breathless and even more aware of how extraordinary this community is. I can’t help but believe their recent luck has left mini luck particles on these gifted meds that will help bring us our baby.


Their offer landed in my inbox following a long and tiresome IVF/injectable discussion and the timing couldn’t have been more laced with fate. They stepped in when my frustration reached its breaking point and offered us an amazing gift. Please know your kindness doesn’t go unnoticed and we will be forever grateful.


Our interactions and their generosity have reminded me that we’re on the right path, moving towards our baby – we’ve just been taking the scenic route. Our entire TTC experience hasn’t been what I expected but the little moments that take your breath away, somehow make the whole struggle more endurable.


As you can see, I’m trying on the Zen perspective and believing that this will happen for us and when it does we will be completely ready. This doesn’t remove my frustration from loosing this cycle, or allow me to forget the loss and pain we’ve experienced but it does remind me to take the good with the bad. And due to the kindness of others – we have some good coming our way.