CD27 and Day 9 of Provera…

Nothing much to report… Thrilled that I only have today and tomorrow remaining of this awful drug… This cycle has taught me that in the future I will wait it out and avoid days of horrible symptoms.

While this cycle was a bust we have stayed rather busy and a few things have been in the works… First, we are investing in some serious discussions about transitioning to the known donor route. We have a few avenues we’re exploring and we’re more excited about this possibility then we expected. We’ve done all our asking and had all our initial conversations…. So now we’re just waiting… Waiting to see what’s right for everyone… This is a lot to ask and the potential implications are expansive… but we are left feeling excited and rejuvenated… We are ready to change courses – either with new drugs or with a known donor.

I find more and more I’m craving change, as this process continues to shred all I hoped for early on… I’m ready for something to go as planned… Or better than planned. And this could lead to change, growth and potential.