Post Provera…

Still occupying the provera afterworld here. Felling completely off. It’s around 4 days since my last pill and it’s like my normal monthly symptoms are being magnified. For those who don’t know me – picture massive morning queasiness that causes me to randomly lie on the floor in order to keep from passing out or puking. I’m miserable and I haven’t even started this cycle yet. I’m just ready to move forward.


In other news: It seems that the known donor route may not be for us… So far the responses we are getting are rather father focused – which is totally appropriate. I guess it’s good that the guys we know all want to be such active parents but in our case this just isn’t working out.


I’m feeling frustrated – I’m feeling like this process is not going well right now and more importantly I no longer feel like I’m handling it all very well. When we started I was in control, I was focused and determined – And now I feel trepidations, exhausted and defeated.


I’m beginning to question when we will run out of money… As spending thousands of dollars a month has finally began to hit us. My student loans are out of forbearance and my first payments are due this month… And things are just crap. Things have been crap in the past but things are felling a little different this time. It’s a different kind of crap – and I guess I’m still adjusting.