We made it…

Finally…  To cycle day 1:


I wasn’t entirely sure our hijacked cycle would ever end but now that it has, my outlook is gradually improving.


We had a busy but truly wonderful weekend – I feel exhausted but restored. We spent some amazingly perfect time with dear friends talking late into the night. We ate sushi and tempura at an intimately small restaurant and laughed as we tried things our server confirmed were vegetarian but couldn’t translate from Japanese… We saw the movie “the kids are alright” and enjoyed discussing the film over “said” intimate Japanese cuisine… Smiling at the table 5 inches away as we discussed the films take on lesbians, parenting, family dynamics and s.e.x… We stayed up late snuggling on the couch watching dozens of old net.flix episodes of Mad-About-You and had weekend breakfast at our local coffee shop. The weekend was wonderful and it finally brought our lost cycle to a close.


This weekend has entirely prepared me for tomorrow’s CD-3 baseline ultrasound and for a massive change in our luck! This cycle will be nothing like the last as I’m determined to regain my control. This cycle will be played our way and at least I will be able to find comfort in that!