Timing confusion…

Well – here is where we sit… 2 primary follicles one almost 17mm and the other 20mm. Lining at 9mm. Trigger shot tonight and insems the following 2 days.

Do you think the smaller one will catch up? Tech said it’s around a 16-17mm size right now… I would think it would be at least 18 by tomorrow. Which is large enough to release right???

Now it’s just a matter of determining the best trigger timing – seeing as my doctor’s office has no flexibility with appointments.

Here are the facts:

  1. My appointment times are Thursday at 2:30 and Friday at 10:00.
  2. The “magic” cycle that resulted in me being pregnant (however brief) had IUI’s at around 19hrs and 38hrs after LH surge. I think the early insem was the winning one but maybe not? Solely based on temps.

So where does this leave me… Besides tapping into my extreme analytical side and creating a chart with formulas… The doctors office said to trigger between 5pm-7pm… I disagree and think it looks better between 8:30-9PM. I guess I still don’t understand how this ovidrel works… If I’m normally an earlier ovulator does it override this and put me closer to 36 hours? And if that’s the case would an IUI done around 38 hours be wasted?


  5PM 6PM 7PM 8PM 8:3PM 9PM 9:3PM 10PM
Thursday Appointment 2:30PM 21.5 20.5 19.5 18.5 18 17.5 16 16.5
Life span window… (12 hours) Safe Ovulation Window 33.5 32.5 31.5 30.5 30 29.5 28 28.5
Friday Appointment 10AM 41 40 39 38 37.5 37 36.5 36