We’re now entering our 4th official two-week-wait. Both yesterday and today’s IUI’s went really well. We ended up having appointment times of 3pm (19hrs post trigger) and 9:40am (37hrs post trigger) these appointment times almost exactly match our “perfect month” so we’re hopeful. Counts were decent but not as strong as our May cycle… We had 30 million and then 24 for the 2nd day. But the timing felt much better this cycle. We’re feeling good, thinking positive and I’m staying off Google…

TWW plans so far are as follows: (accepting other ideas???)

Saturday… Seeing the movie “girl with the dragon tattoo” with friends

Sunday… Airport dog park adventure

Monday… Is a big day for us – as we will finally share the same last name!

That’s all I have for now… Thanks for all the luck and good wishes.